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Escort & Place Cards

The following is my standard, base pricing for escort/place cards. These prices are  based on black ink and include one name, first and last, and table number, if desired. There is a flat $25 fee for colored or metallic inks. The stock you choose must be suitable for calligraphic lettering, which means it  cannot be coated, no loose fibers, or prone to bleeding. I do require a sample of the stock you choose in  advance.  Client provides the paper or surface on which the calligraphy is penned.  Flourishes and illustrations may be added for an additional charge.  Available styles: Classic Copperplate, Flourished Copperplate, Modern, and Spencerian.

Escort/Place Cards

Paper Surface $4.00 per

Handmade Paper $5.00 per

Non Paper Surface (ie acrylic, agate, leaves)

$5.00 per

Paper products or surface on which to pen calligraphy to be provided by client.  I can provide the paper for an additional fee.

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